Weird Works The Bridge

Julie Dind & Rolf Gerstlauer (2022, 26’38”)

In WEIRD WORKS THE BRIDGE, a filmic para/pataphrasing of Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962), NN performs a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge of New York City. We are invited to both hear and see the filmmaker processing his memories of the performance – what it connects to – on the timeline of a larger set of events. The film explores our (in)capacity to create object relations, questions our thirst for pictures, lists, numbers, …and mourns the loss of fellow beings. WEIRD WORKS THE BRIDGE is the sequel to WEIRD DRAWN AT LAND.

Festival Website + Program

Live Stream on YouTube – April 28th 2022 21:00 CET

Weird Drawn At Land

Julie Dind & Rolf Gerstlauer (2020, silent, 19’52”)

WEIRD DRAWN AT LAND is the story of how the present deals with the past and worries about the future. Julie Dind is NN; Nomen Nescio, No Name …or just Not Neurotypical. NN has always been WEIRD. Known as Urðr, wyrd or weird, she’s the past. With her are her sisters Verðandi and Skuld; the present and that which yet has to become. The three Norns are in Norse Mythology the fate makers that sway humans’ destiny. How the present reads the past influences the future. WEIRD DRAWN AT LAND is a work in progress filmed on the Lista Peninsula in Southern Norway.

Festival Website + Program

Live Stream on YouTube – March 18th 2021 20:00 CET

Cenotaph For Weird’s Well And T[h]ree Missing Bodies

Short-film (7’3”) and paper presentation at


Research-Creation Practices In Urgent Times

organized by the Centre For Imaginative Ethnography (CIE) Symposium and Graduate Program In Theatre & Performance Studies Conference, York University / Toronto – March 26 + 27 2021

Weird Drawn At Land

Work in progress (19’52” – silent)

selected for the


organized by Taanteatro Companhia (São Paulo/Brazil) in cooperation with the Center for Studies on Methodologies for Research in Arts of the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) – March 16th to 18th 2021

Weird Drawn At Land

Work in progress (10’01”)

screened at

writing is live ; scratch night: open mic sunday feb 7 ’21

a wknd of new audio thtr organized by brown university mfa playwright in collaboration w the brown/trinity mfa program in acting and directing

Julie Dind:

En mettre sa main à couper.

Autour des photographies de David Nebreda

French translation of “At the Hands of a Split Finger: Delving into David Nebredas’s work” (Julie Dind, 2019, Brown University / Body Politics)

paper presented at

Débords – du cinéma; séminaire du Collège international de philosophie organized by Laura Odello and Peter Szendy – Friday January 15th 2021

Drawing Work On Stage :

Cenotaphs for Missing Bodies – Artefacts + Affordance

Multimedia installation (22’07”)

displayed at

WORKS+WORDS 2019, 2nd Biennale in Artistic Research in Architecture, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen / Denmark – November 28th 2019 to January 19th 2020

Julie Dind:

Beyond homo performans: Expanding the subject of Performance Studies

(Julie Dind, 2019, Brown University / Body Politics)

paper presented at

The third Biennial PARSE Research Conference (13/14/15 November 2019) at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg undertakes an interdisciplinary investigation within the arts, humanities and social sciences of the category Human from the multiple perspectives of what it excludes and overlooks

Julie Dind:

“When I begin to wish I were crippled”: Exploring ideas and images of disability in Hijikata Tatsumi’s work

(Julie Dind, 2019, Brown University / Body Politics)

paper presented at

Butoh Next: A Symposium to Celebrate and Expand Upon The Routledge Companion to Butoh Performance October 31 – November 3/2019 New York, NY/U.S.A – The Segal Theater, Graduate Center, CUNY, and Japan Society

Julie Dind:

On Burnouts and the University That Must Blaze

(Julie Dind, 2019, Brown University)

paper published in

Neurodiversity: Science, Politics, CultureCogut Institute for the Humanities, Brown University, January 31st 2019

Rolf Gerstlauer:

Nedtegnet Tilnærming av og til et VERK. Foldet Dokument. # Tor Ulven # 37+1 foldete ark, signert og bundet, tom sumi flaske, brukt kalligrafi fjær; alt lagt i en papirpose for epler og overlevert Theodor Barth / KHiO 25.9.2017 19:29. Straffeskrift.

(Rolf Gerstlauer, 2018, AHO / Body & Space Morphologies)

published in

FormAkademisk. Tema: Tegning FormAkademisk – Volume 11, No 3 DOI: 10.7577/formakademisk.2945. The topic of this special issue of FormAkademisk is drawing.

Drawing Work On Stage :

A Neurodiverse Acting Towards A Primal Body And Space Morphology

Multimedia installation (20’14” and 44’39” – both looped)

displayed at

WORKS+WORDS 2017, 1st Biennale in Artistic Research in Architecture, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen / Denmark – March 23rd to May 5th 2017

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